Seven Must-See Exhibitions on October's Third Friday

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Steve Weiss "Tovrea Castle Doorway"
Be it a ​First Friday or a Third Friday -- we're just excited about having an excuse (not that we need one) to see some great art exhibitions.

Some are opening tonight Downtown, others have opened this month throughout metro Phoenix (including Chaos Theory at Legend City Studios). But you better believe that we're making the loop and stopping by these seven.

7. "56 of 100: Candid Landscapes and the Arizona Centennial @ The Hive
When Steve Weiss isn't busy programming films through "No Festival Required" the local artist is usually making rounds to galleries or behind his own lens making photographs of local architecture and landscapes throughout the state.

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According to Weiss, "56 of 100: Candid Landscapes and the Arizona Centennial" is a collection of his color photographs of Arizona icons including Tovrea Castle, stops along Van Buren and Route 66, and Encanto Park (to name a few). The photos will be on view through November 14, but a reception will be held on Third Friday from 6 to 11 p.m..

Lara Plecas' "Residual Energy" at eye lounge
6. Angels v.2 and Residual Energy @ eye lounge
Third Friday means new exhibitions at Downtown artist collective gallery, eye lounge. This month, the gallery hosts new work by photographer Logan Bellew, who will show Angels v.2 for his last eye lounge exhibition. The series is a continuation of his Angels portraits, which he describes on his website: "This is how they will feel, and this is what they will look like when they realize they never should have left you. Say it again, they can't all be saviors." In the gallery's other main space will be the work of encaustic painter Lara Plecas, who cast more than 80 faces of local community members in plaster. The gallery will be open from 5 to 10 p.m..

5. Portrait of an Artist @ Bragg's Pie Factory
For more than a year, photographer Tony Zeh has captured local creatives in their studio in a portrait series. Arists include Annie Lopez, Jeff Falk, Mike Prepsky, James Angel, David Dauncy, Linda Ingraham, Rafael Navarro, Thuong Nguyen, Gennaro Garcia, Bill LeGoullon, Joe Willie Smith, Brent Bond, Kritsin Bauer, Carolyn Lavander, Cristine Cassano, Melissa Martinez, Lara Plecas, Christy Puetz (to name a few). His work along with pieces created by each artist he's photographed will be on view as at Bragg's Pie on Grand Avenue from 7 to 10 p.m..

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