Matthew Clark's "Fields of Vision" at ASU's Night Gallery

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Photo by Kate Crowley.
Fields of Vision at ASU Night Gallery, Tempe Marketplace.
Matthew Clark's exhibit, Fields of Vision, at ASU's Night Gallery at Tempe Marketplace explores social relationships and choice and chance using a maze as a visual metaphor.

If Facebook were a painting, it could be in this show. The paintings are made of acrylic sheet, vinyl, automotive paint, epoxy resin and magnets are like "super-low-relief sculptures," according to the artist.

"The way that I'm working on these pieces is in a very sculptural way in the sense of my interest of material use (using paint very minimally) really overrides the idea that 'paintings' must be painted," says Clark.

Matthew Clark Playing Field (Blue) Detail.jpg
Photo courtesy of Matthew Clark.
"Playing Field (Blue)" detail by Matthew Clark.
Indeed, the elements in Clark's work are compiled in space. Epoxy resin separates layers in the work, which is very organized and encapsulated by a final layer of resin.

Clark designs using a computer and then most of the other visual elements are created or cut by machine. From far away, all of the elements look quite identical. But up close, one can see the very detailed process Clark has completed.

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Night Gallery

2000 E. Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, AZ

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