If More Kiddie Authors Had Written Books For Adults

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Le chat chapeauté by Dr. Seuss
This brief French existentialist work may seem to be a story of an oversized, anthropomorphic, hat-wearing cat who descends on two children left at home on a rainy day and makes an enormous mess that the kids manage to clean up just in time before their mother gets home. (This is, by the way, a narrative device that would be borrowed by countless books, movies and TV shows, only the kids are teenagers and the cat becomes a wild party.)
But it's so much more than that! It is, in fact, an allegory about the nature of anarchy and chaos in the universe, barely defeated, in the nick of time, by order and reason. And there's probably lots of other heavy philosophical stuff going on, but it's French and existentialist, so trying to make sense of it is utterly meaningless.

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Who can forget the National Lampoon's primer, "Dick in Jane?"

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