LELO Unveils Inez: The World's Most Expensive Vibrator

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Because there's no better way to spend $15,000 to accomplish what you/your significant other can't, LELO unveiled its Inez Gold to the worldwide market.

According to LELO's website, the Inez Gold is "a high quality sex toy for women like no other. The best LELO vibrator is crafted in 24K gold plate and belongs in your jewelry box or even your safe."

Inez is the American spelling of Spanish name Inés, or Agnes, which derives from the Greek word hagnē, meaning "pure" or "holy."

... As in, "Holy shit, you have $15,000 to spend on a pure gold stick for your hooch."

The golden dong works at hot and cold temperatures at five pre-programmed vibration modes, is rechargeable, and holds a 2-hour charge with up to 4 hours of hoo-ha (ah!) time.

According to LELO, Inez comes in a wooden gift box (naturally) with a charger, satin pouch, a detailed manual (just in case), and a one-year warranty.

(Note: For the thrifty sex toy collectors, LELO also offers the Inez in stainless steel for $7,900.)

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