Ignite Phoenix 13: Neon Nostalgia, The Importance of Wandering, and Double Fisting Books

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Photo by Joe Abbruscato
Nikki Steele presents "Double-Fisting for Book Lovers"
Dennis McClung showed us how we could better use that neglected pool in the backyard with his experience of growing food in unlikely places. To find out more or to even take a gardening class with McClung, visit gardenpool.org.

Nikki Steele got our pages turned on and dog eared with her passion for "double-fisting books." Averaging anywhere from 75 to 100 books a year, Steele has mastered the new art of pairing books with, well, anything: wine, food, seasons, workouts, and of course, other books. It has given her a new found appreciation for the writing she devours; and for us, a new-found motivation to work through the stacks of literature on our nightstands.

Ignite Phoenix 14 will return to the stage April 26th, 2013 and submissions have already begun. So if you're ready to share your ideas with the Ignite team (and potentially an audience of hundreds) visit ignite phoenix.com/submissions.

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Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts

7380 E. Second St., Scottsdale, AZ

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