How to Play the 2012 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

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You can drink every time your puppet of choice says something silly, or you can drink against the other dude, which is more fun. If you don't plan on voting for Romney or Obama, you should just drink for both, your liver be damned.

If you choose Obama, drink every time he mentions...

- Clinton

- Occupy Wall Street

- Bin Laden

- Investment

- Next four years

- Job creation

- Family

- The Auto Bailout

- 99%

- Gay marriage

If you choose Romney, drink every time he mentions...

- Reagan

- Bush

- Paul Ryan

- The Middle Class

- Abortion

- My friends

- American Dream

- Romneycare

- 100%

- Domestic terrorism


- For those of you that want to remain sober, take a drink every time Romney says something compassionate and take a drink every time Obama reflects on a promise he didn't keep.

- To start off getting toasty, take a sip for each freak or godless organization Obama or
Romney thanks in their opening remarks.

- Drink every time either candidate gives a nervous laugh or forced smile after being

- Drink every time a candidate mentions "freedom," "trillion," or "Founding Fathers."

- Drink every time you feel like moving to Mexico.

- Keep a bucket nearby for when you start to dry heave and empty your stomach.
Remember, alcohol is a dangerous drug that kills tons of people each year (far more than heroin or meth) so be responsible, then mark your calendars for these
upcoming Presidential Debates:

  • October 3 - Presidential Debate -- Domestic Policy

  • October 16 - Presidential Debate -- Format - Town Hall

  • October 22 - Presidential Debate -- Foreign Policy

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And if you had wanted to get plastered, you could have had a drink every time Romney lied.


@AMBabka Too funny!

Chris Stuckey
Chris Stuckey

George Bernard Shaw was a founding member of the Fabian socialist society and was an all around terrible person. Not surprising he would say that.

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