How to Play the 2012 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

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The 2012 Presidential Debates are coming, the first of which is this Wednesday night, reminding us there's no hope left for our country.

Mitt Romney is telling us to "Believe in America," which is not a bad idea. It's similar to Stalin telling folks to "believe in Mother Russia." Hey, those Gulags created a lot of jobs!" President Obama's campaign has changed from "HOPE" and "CHANGE" to "Forward," which could mean "forward" into debt, war, utter despair or devastation (if the last four years are any indication, it certainly looks that way).

What to do? As George Bernard Shaw once said, "Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life." So at the very least, let's turn the debate into a fun little activity where you can invite your friends over and resist crying together like a backwards support group. We'll call this a "game."

Here are some guidelines:

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And if you had wanted to get plastered, you could have had a drink every time Romney lied.


@AMBabka Too funny!

Chris Stuckey
Chris Stuckey

George Bernard Shaw was a founding member of the Fabian socialist society and was an all around terrible person. Not surprising he would say that.

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