Costumes of Halloween Weekend: The Bad, The Ugly, and The NSFW

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
As one of the ritziest cities in the Valley, Scottsdale has more than its fair share of glitz and glamour. And depending on who you talk to, it also has a little bit of tastelessness.

This was most certainly the case this past weekend when a few people celebrating the scary season adorned themselves with over-the-top costumes that challenged the boundaries of good taste or were flat out offensive.

Here are five outfits that we spied at various parties and events around Old Town Scottsdale that were the best of the worst.

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5. Osama Bin Laden
This chap, who we spotted at the "Nightmare on Princess Drive" party at the Stone Rose Lounge in North Scottsdale apparently didn't read our blog from 2011 chronicling the offensive costumes we spotted in Scottsdale, as we specifically cautioned against Caucasians dressing as Middle Easter terrorists. He decided to spend his Halloween clothed in the robes and turban of one of the most notorious Al Qaeda members ever, the late Osama Bin Laden (a.k.a. the mastermind of 9/11). At least he had enough taste to refrain from adorning the costume with blood and bulletholes.

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