Frank Lloyd Wright House in Phoenix Sold to Anonymous Buyer

The historic home at 5212 East Exeter was built by Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 1950s for his son, David. The Wright family sold the house to JT Morning Glory Enterprises LP in 2009 (for $2.8 million) and was recently sold again to 8081 Meridian for $1.8 million.

Phoenix New Times architecture columnist, Robrt Pela, recently wrote about the house in "Architecture Worth Preserving." He writes:

If you hadn't heard of the David and Gladys Wright House until recently, it's because its late owners -- the son and daughter-in-law of pioneering 20th-century architect Frank Lloyd Wright -- did their best to keep their home off the radar of Wright fanatics and local looky-loos. And if you haven't recently heard about this very unusual (and very endangered) house at all, then perhaps you've been in a coma.

...It's a story that's been told again and again -- far too often by me in this column -- but this time, local preservationists are hopeful that the national attention and public outcry ("Tear down a house Wright built for his own family? What's wrong with these people?!") will do more than just shaming city officials into backing off one more time.

Stay tuned for more information and check out photos of the house by local photographer Andrew Pielage after the jump. Read the full column in last week's print issue of New Times and in the online arts section.

FLLW Home 8.jpg
Andrew Pielage

FLLW Home 3.jpg
Andrew Pielage

FLLW Home 5.jpg
Andrew Pielage

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