Frank Lloyd Wright House in Phoenix Sold to Anonymous Buyer

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Andrew Pielage
The fight to preserve the Frank Lloyd Wright house that's been in danger of demolition for the past few months may be over -- Robert Joffe, the real estate agent who listed the house at $2,379,000 has confirmed he has found a buyer.

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FLLW Home 6.jpg
Andrew Pielage
Joffe says the buyer has chosen not to release any personal information, but that the intent is to preserve and restore the historic property.

Today, the buyer met with Joffe and 8081 Meridian, the property's current owners in a "meeting of the minds." Next will be a walk through and process of due diligence, which will give the buyer time to get into the "guts" of the house, says Joffe, and then a close of escrow. According to Joffe, the process should take a few weeks.

"This is the biggest preservation news we've had in years," wrote Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio on his Facebook page this afternoon. "An anonymous buyer has been found for the Wright house which will preserve an iconic Phoenix property built by America's greatest architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Thanks to all who labored long and hard on this including; Mayor Stanton, the sellers, staff, all potential buyers and the people of Phoenix who rallied to help preserve it."

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