Riding the Arizona State Fair: Sky Flyer, G-Force, The Zipper, and Tons of Fried-Filled Adrenaline

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Katie Johnson
It's time once again for the Arizona State Fair. Everyone has their favorite part. Lots of people (including yours truly) enjoy corn dogs as big as your forearm. The pig races are irresistible. And there's the temptation of trying to win an enormous stuffed animal that you have no room for at home.

For me, the big draw is thrill rides. Since Six Flags Magic Mountain is a few hundred miles away, I look forward to the Arizona State Fair for easy access to a dose of adrenaline. Here are the five craziest attractions at the Fair this year.

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Sky Flyer Vert.JPG
JK Grence
Chains have never been more nerve-wracking.
5: Sky Flyer
The Sky Flyer is an evolution of classic chair-swing rides like the Wave Swinger and the Yo-Yo. It's just like the old favorites, only faster, and much, much taller. It's funny, I'd never thought about those little chains that hold up your chair until Sky Flyer. Seems... awfully minimal for something so fast. It turns out the Sky Flyer is most intimidating in its looks. Once you're spinning around high above the midway, any thoughts about one's sanity (or lack thereof) and (dis)trust in ride design give way to an endorphin rush from the wind in your hair and the amazing view. As soon as the ride ended I was *this* close to getting right back in line, something I can't say about any other ride at the Fair. At least, that was my experience. Acrophobes will think I'm out of my mind.

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