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Pivot Cycles
Sure, we all know Arizona is home to some pretty classic rides, routes, trails and tours. And if you're looking for a good local bike shop, the Valley has plenty of good ones to go around.

But that doesn't mean that everything you're riding, eating or wearing is coming from lands afar, or at least outside of our great state's borders. From bike manufacturers to energy food creators, many businesses that call Arizona home are creating jobs and products to fuel our two-wheeled needs.

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Pivot Mach 5.7 doing what it does best! from Pivot Cycles UK on Vimeo.

Pivot Cycles - Once upon a time, a little company in Tempe started turning out custom mountain bike frames made from titanium that littered the trails named National, Mormon, Javalina and Desert Classic. Beginning in 1991, Titus Cycles was synonymous with Arizona desert dirt and rock riding, but company founder Chris Cocalis sold the company in 2006 and the glory of Titus quickly disappeared.

Quickly following his former company's demise (actually they still exist and still use the Arizona flag for its headbadge, but they're now based in Portland), Cocalis started up Pivot Cycles, another Tempe-based manufacturer known globally for innovative frame designs. Pivot is one of those "constantly innovating" entities, meaning models rarely remain static in design, with each one created to manage a specific style of ride with a goal of "making your mountain biking experience better in every way." With a Phoenix as the company emblem and models named Firebird and Phoenix, there is no questioning the home town pride.

Athlete Octane
Athlete Octane - Cyclists are incredibly picky about just about everything when it comes to their in the saddle experience. Trek v. Specialized. Roadie v. Fat Knobbies. Shimano v. SRAM. But perhaps nothing can be as particular as the type of energy supplement one uses (of the non-EPO variety, of course). Phoenix-based Athlete Octane brings a new product to market that makes the case for endurance athletes to quit choking down micro-nutrient pills by the handful and go to a single, all-inclusive nutrient liquid.

This nutrient-rich liquid can now be found at local bike shops across the state as well as select health food stores and even the occasional Costco. Athlete Octance claims that because their product is a liquid, the body will absorb the needed nutrients quicker than other pill-based products, thereby increasing recovery, endurance and fitness more quickly.

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