Barack Obama 2012: An Illustrated Wishlist of Political Kitsch

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Katie Johnson
The 2012 Presidential Debates kick off tonight -- time to devise drinking games, take to your twitter, and start building memes.

And what better opportunity to follow up our Mitt Romney Illustrated Kitsch than with our Barack Obama Illustrated Kitsch. Here are five political absurdities that you can start buying or start making right now.

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5. Glowbama

Many look to Obama to light their way through dark economic times. Now they can also look to him to light the way to the bathroom in the middle of night.

4. Obama-nable Snowman

Katie Johnson

The lack of photographic proof would lead you to believe this is a mythical creature but eye witness accounts confirm that this invisible creature is real. Thank you, Clint Eastwood.

3. Dough-bama

Katie Johnson

Mold him into whatever you want -- a hero, a villain, a cookie.

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