Nine Infamously Haunted Places in Arizona

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See any spirits lurking about? The Hotel San Carlos reportedly has a few of 'em.
If there's one upshot to the Valley's idiotic penchant for tearing down older buildings in favor of replacing them with ginormous steel and glass monstrosities, it could be this: At least there's one less place for ghosts to haunt.

It seems like every single vintage building in Phoenix and the rest of Arizona that's still standing has some sort of spooky story of poltergeists attached to it. Just ask Marshall Shore, the "hip historian" and guru of local lore who probably is familiar with many of these same tales. Its one of the reasons why he's conducting a bus tour around Phoenix this Sunday that will explore some of the city's more famous haunts. (Shore will also host a separate tour focused on the murderous exploits of legendary local murderess Winnie Ruth Judd).

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The interesting locations in downtown and CenPho that will be featured during both of Shore's tours aren't the only scary sites to be found around the Valley or throughout Arizona, however. In honor of Halloween, we've compiled a list of some of the more notorious spots in our state that are widely considered to be haunted.

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9. NAU's Morton Hall (Flagstaff)
The near-century old women's dormitory on the forested grounds of Northern Arizona University is said to be haunted by the forlorn spirit of a heartbroken student named Kathy, who supposedly hanged herself in a stairwell during a winter break back in the early 1950s. Depending on who's telling the tale, she was either abandoned by her family or had a boyfriend in the armed forces who died in combat. Over the decades, the alleged apparition has been blamed for a litany of phenomena, which includes lights flickering, radios and televisions malfunctioning, posters flying off the walls, and blankets being pulled off bed.

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8. Birdcage Theatre (Tombstone)
The rough and ready city of Tombstone may have been the town that was "too tough to die," but its inhabitants over the past 130 years or so haven't been as lucky. Plenty of folks have shuffled loose the mortal coil since it was first settled in 1877, including the participants in the legendary O.K. Corral shootout and the longtime occupants of the equally renowned Boothill Cemetery. The Birdcage Theatre -- a former saloon, gambling den, and brothel -- also saw plenty of bloodshed in its day, as 16 different deadly gunfights took place within the historic property. As such, this former house of ill repute is a hotspot for alleged ghost sightings or encounters with otherworldly beings.

7. Arizona State Prison Complex (Florence)

arizona gas chamber florence.jpg
The old gas chamber at the Arizona State Prison Complex - Florence.
According to the Arizona Department of Corrections website, exactly 96 death row inmates have been executed during the past century inside the confines of the state hoosegow in Florence, either by hanging, lethal injection, or a trip to the (now unused) gas chamber. So it shouldn't really come as much of a surprise that there have been more than a few (possibly apocryphal) yarns spun over the years about both inmates and guards witnessing several instances of "mists that looked in human form" or having their ears assaulted with "screams and other strange sounds" in the building that houses the prison's death chamber or the adjacent cell blocks.

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I am part of a paranormal team (REAPER Team) that was able to investigate the Hotel San Carlos. It is such a cool place, and we were able to get some AMAZING EVP's from Leone and others there.

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