Three Reasons Why You Should Already Be Excited for Halloween (Yes, Really)

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Grocery stores nationwide are packing up their remaining stock of kiddie pools and lawn chairs to make room for three aisles of seasonal holiday goodness. Unfortunately, two-thirds of said revelry is dedicated to Christmas.

However, behind the jolly fat man and peeking out from behind the evergreen wreaths, dedicated shoppers can catch a glimpse of orange and black crepe, tubes of fake blood and all manner of cheap, highly flammable, plastic masks.

Friends, Halloween is upon us.

I realize that there are those who don't share my rampant enthusiasm for All Hallow's Eve, but with only six weeks to celebrate all that is good and spooky before the other holidays begin their unnecessary encroachment I've devised:

Three Reasons Why You Need to Get Excited for Halloween

Exhibit A: Pumpkin Everything

Beer, chili, coffee, pie. Science* has proven that the addition of pumpkin improves everything by a factor of 20. This time of the year, pumpkins are plentiful and recipes abound. Culinary lords of the gourd use the delectable orange flesh for various concoctions including guacamole, fritters and even martinis. Of course, you still need one to carve a big goofy grin on, so stock up this year.

*No, not really.

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