A Saturday Night with Tania Katan

Categories: Nightlife

Katie Johnson
Tania Katan and friend Vince Avallone on the dancefloor at Cash Inn Country
Throughout the party, Tania and I are easily separated as half the room is waiting for their chance to talk one on one with Tania and the other half is warmly welcoming me into their conversations, sharing their personal stories of Tania (many of which I'm told can't see the light of day).

What initially started out as a brief cameo at the party has now turned into hours of free flowing conversation, champagne, and sexual jokes that interestingly enough make a newcomer feel welcome. Eventually Tania looks at her phone and realizes it's time to move on to our next stop. She's mapped out the whole evening but didn't plan on how easily enamored I would become with all of her friends.

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