A Saturday Night with Tania Katan

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Katie Johnson
Tania Katan and her brother Paul Katan goofing around at a party
To say Tania Katan is a character would be an understatement. Her personality is as colorful as her resume, which includes her memoir My One-Night Stand With Cancer; comedic solo performances including her most recent, Saving Tania's Privates; as well as featured works and shows in The New York Times, BUST Magazine, Bitch Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

Add to all that, Ms. Katan is also one of the main characters in the local literary arts scene as Lounge Program Coordinator for the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, where she birthed Lit Lounge, a hybrid show of live musical performances and dynamic storytellers.

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The next SMoCA Lit Lounge on September 28, coincidentally Tania's birthday, will feature the Program Coordinator herself among many other talented writers (see the full list on the SMoCA Lit Lounge site).

An author, playwright, and globetrotting one-woman show, Tania's reputation intrigued me, which is why I asked to be her Wingman for a night. Here's how it went down.

Katie Johnson
Tania Katan and friends at a party hosted by Tim Rodgers and Jeffrey Harakal
We started off our Saturday evening by meeting up for a spinning class, Tania Katan's new hobby, and my new excuse for being unable to sit or stand without cringing from muscle tenderness.

Rocking out to fast-paced hip hop beats which could easily be classified as audio porn, I take the occasional glance over at Tania who is breaking a sweat without breaking a smile, this will be the first of many instances throughout the night where I wonder what this woman operates on (my guess -- heavy duty lithium batteries).

After 30 minutes of spinning and sweating, Tania and I break to our respective homes to shower and gear up for the better portion of our evening. We rendezvous at the home of Jeffrey Harakal and Tim Rodgers, Director of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

Ok, maybe 'home' is underselling it - this Meadowbrook residence is a work of art. The structure is a collaborative design of architects, Jay Atherton and Cy Keener and was featured on the cover of Dwell Magazine (Dec/Jan 2011issue). Upon entering, I find Tania surrounded by people; artists, architects, actors, you name it. She may not be the host of this party, but she's certainly the star.

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