Rip-Off Halloween Costumes: The Good, The Bad and The You're Not Fooling Anyone

Heroic Maria courtesy of  Spirit Halloween.jpg
Heroic Maria courtesy of Spirit Halloween
It happens every year.

Like a dark carnival that blows in with the wind overnight, this time of the year brings new life to boarded-up shopping centers Valley-wide. Long vacant Mervyn's locations become temporary havens for stores specializing in the best goofy, gory and grosteque fashions for Halloween.

And although the holiday is still predominately for pint-size candy panhandlers and Level 85 cosplayers, Halloween superstores also serve a new, burgeoning demographic: last-minute shoppers looking for a mildly-outrageous yet instantly-recognizable get-up for their holiday festivities.

For these Hallo-weinies who never bother to plan ahead, a cottage industry of poorly conceived, unlicensed (read: rip-off) costumes has sprung up...

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Celebrity Chef courtesy of Spirit Halloween.jpg
Celebrity Chef courtesy of Spirit Halloween
The Good: Heroic Maria

I've previously spoken out about Halloween's regrettable trend of over-sexualizing non-sexy things, but this slinky little number with the moustache necklace is still the best of the bunch. Whether you've got a thing for pipe laying, cross dressing plumbers or you become strangely aroused by the sound of an 8-bit melody, this tawdry Super Mario knock-off delivers.

The Bad: Celebrity Chef

Face it, if you feel enough of an affinity to dress up as uber-douche bag Guy Fieri, you're already a bit of tool. Don't spend $17 on a bad wig and fake goatee. Be yourself this Halloween and save your money to buy some Taco Bell for the girl you picked-up at the all ages dance club.

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