Legend City Studios Announces Chaos Theory 13

The lineup for the annual Chaos Theory at Legend City Studios takes local artist Randy Slack almost all year to put together (and negotiate).

Artists have traditionally been invited by Slack to show their work, but as the event has grown in popularity and attendance, his inbox is filled almost year-round with requests to participate.

Slack insists he's not curating. He asks a handful of artists (this year has 60 creatives on the ticket) who bring whatever artwork they choose and he hangs it all the night or two before the show. He's also commissioned local artist J.B. Snyder to dress up the outside walls of Legend City Studios ... but more on that later.

Chaos Theory 13 will take over Legend City Studios, at 521 W Van Buren St. in downtown Phoenix, on October 5 from 6 p.m. to midnight (ish).

Participating artists include the painters of 3CarPileUp crew (Slack, James Angel, and David Dauncey) along with fellow local painters Casebeer, Colin Chillag, Abby Messmer, Brian Boner, Colton Brock, Carrie Marill, photographers Dayvid LeMmon and William LeGoullon, sculptors Mike Prepsky and Pete Deise, and mixed media artists Steve Gompf, Tara Logsdon, and Lori Fenn (to name a few).

Stay tuned to Jackalope Ranch for more information about the show and a look inside Legend City Studios, the 7000 sq foot working studio of photographers Brandon Sullivan and Camerawerks and painter Randy Slack.

And in the meantime, check out the 13th floor.

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Legend City Studios

521 W. Van Buren St., Phoenix, AZ

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you guys should quit using the phrase "local artist." whenever I read that phrase, and I'm located in phoenix at the time, I immediately know it's going to be shit and I ignore the whole thing. If you didn't preface every reference to an artist with "local," I'd be more apt to read through the article to discover that I'd never heard of any of the artists participating and then ignore the whole thing.


 @artfag In saying you have never heard of anyone in this lineup, which contains several long-time heavy hitters who happen to live in the area, you have clarified for the entire New Times audience your total lack of credibility when it comes to knowledge of art, end of story.

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