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When we last put the spotlight on 100 creative forces in Phoenix, it was no secret there were more than 100 individuals who were making waves in the local arts community. So as we count down to our annual Best of Phoenix issue, we're profiling 100 more. Welcome (back) to 100 Creatives.

KGM; Kim Moody shot
Kim Moody describes himself as a transformative urban pioneer, fourth-generation Arizonan. His great grandfather John M. Moody founded Thatcher, and relatives in the Noble and Sirrine families built Mesa Canals and church choirs.

Kim Moody was raised in Tempe earned his bachelors degree in Secondary Education and Theatre and later founded Alwun House, which has been a staple and cornerstone of the arts community in downtown Phoenix for more than 35 years.

"I guess it was inevitable," Moody says. "Being raised totally immersed in musicality's passions with dance and theatre, from sacred to profane that my deep-rooted purpose envisioned a nascent cultural arts incubator downtown."

Kim Moody
Came to Phoenix with ... Conviction that artists hold a unique transformative ability. I thrive nurturing artists of all stripes, colors and persuasions; those with the fire in their belly to define and refine their passions. Even when no one else was downtown. I knew there was power in art to transform a community. Opportunity and chance brought me back to Grandma Nobel's disintegrating Historic Garfield Neighborhood, itself surrounded by a depressing, abandoned-after-work downtown of the '70's.

Seeing the neglected two-story 1912 Bungalow on Roosevelt at 12th Street was an epiphany: Where there was hard caliche dirt driveways, and two trees, I saw an intentional aesthetic gathering place, space for green lush gardens, gallery and stage. Providing pioneering artists a platform where their sweat and dreams could prosper.

Alwun House initiated downtown's evolution toward today's rapturous arts renaissance. In those days folks were invited to our Basement Theatre's "ground-breaking," and to their well heeled surprise, met a bucket brigade taking dirt from the basement to outside perimeter: audacious, on reflection.

Kim 1972, pouring arbor stage concrete with co-founder, Larry Vanderbeek.
I make/do art because ... The insightful and curious continue to engage, contributing skills in expanding this resourceful little community arts incubator. My hands never stray too far from the earth, life's lessons in cycles. I am grateful grass-roots contributors consistently provide the necessary support for our next generation of energetic idealists.

I revel in places encouraging experimental collaborations, where insider meet outsider.. This place incites cool cats like Captain Squeegee collective to explore their nexus with MCC jazz band, "Intentional Dreaming" videos, performance artists, and expansive video interactivity. Multicultural inclusiveness nurtures native indigenous peoples story into contemporary dialog. I get juiced sparking the imaginations of tomorrow's creatives. Perseverance builds durability, spurred on by burn-in-your-belly passion toward an essential aesthetic.

I'm most productive when ... I focus, preferably starting with a morning carafe of deep dark roast coffee! Occasionally pausing to glance out at ponds, lilies, dragonflies on cat-tail and papyrus, pomegranates attracting long-billed Thrashers - recharged, return to focus.

CardFront, Last year's Exotic Art Show invitation
My inspiration wall is full of ... articles on science+art innovators fueling strategies for sustainable urban growth, News clipping about local creative entrepreneurs, saying their passion pushing them to take the next big step.

I've learned the most from ... irrepressibly passionate urban pioneers: Paolo Soleri archologies of matter becoming spirit. Dialogue with master mime Marcel Marceau, "communication through silence is a link between the thoughts of man.; and most instructive." And local arts provocateur Rudy Turk, ASU Nelson Fine Art Museum curator, and Alwun House Board member.

Rudy suggested every artist has a personal work in the closet; invite the artists to showcase their more intimate works their galleries wouldn't touch. Call it "Exotic Art" as a fundraiser... adding with a sparkle in his eye, everyone will read "erotic." - OK, it's grown to that annual eye-popping, jaw-dropping spectacular you've all heard about, or bring your out-of-town guests to, all stunned they're seeing this multiple media homage to lust, love, fantasy and ethereal passions in Phoenix, or Arizona for that matter. And it is our fundraising "Nutcracker."

Salon des Enfant (annual exhibit with Phoenix Elementary School District)
Good work should always ... stimulate, grab your attention, focus - and in the best of worlds, spark imagination forming new associations. Then there's the sublime.

The Phoenix Creative Scene could use more ... enablers; giving back to community. Oh, and more actively curious creative's expressing themselves like local Hector Ruiz did before, "I am optimistic in a shapeable, progressive, bright future for Phoenix and want to be part of helping make that happen." Amen.

The Creatives, so far ... (And while you're here, check out 100 Tastemakers on Chow Bella.)

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70. Hugo Medina
69. Cavin Costello
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65. Christopher Crosby
64. Aaron Johnson
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62. Colton Brock
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56. Andrew James Benson
55. Charles Anthony Darr
54: Tiffe Fermaint
53. Eric Cox
52. Victor Vasquez
51. John Randall Nelson
50. Lauren Lee
49. Kyle Jordre
48. Julie C. Kent
47. Sean Deckert
46. Niba DelCastillo
45. Joseph Benesh
44. Ashley Harder
43. Dan Vermillion
42. Daniel Shepherd
41. James B. Hunt
40. Lori Fenn
39. Seth Gideon Fainkujen
38. Wayne Rainey
37. Christian Filardo
36. Melissa Cody
35. Jason Rudolph Peña
34. Cindy Iverson
33. Ryan Gentry
32. Sebastien Millon
31. Andrea Beesley
30. Chris Pruitt
29. Robert Diehl
28. Rachel Malloy
27. Jonathan Simon
26. Ann Morton

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