Nine Hottest Halloween Costume Trends of 2012

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Benjamin Leatherman
Dozens of Halloween costumes on display at Bubbles of Joy in Mesa.
There are exactly 37 days left until Halloween dawns, which means you have that long to conjure up with a killer costume for yourself. And while that might seem like all the time in the world, don't put things off, bub, especially since some else might just snatch up the particular mask or outfit you desperately need to complete whatever ensemble you eventually decide upon.

If you need some assistance in figuring out what to wear, we've consulted with the staff at some of the Valley's best mom-and-pop Halloween emporiums - including Easley's, Bubbles of Joy in Mesa, and the Mardi Gras Costume Shop in Scottsdale - for some advice on what the most popular hottest and trendiest costumes this year, which includes plenty of colorful characters from blockbuster films, TV shows, and pop culture.

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Twentieth Century Fox

9. Ted
Since you'll likely be filling your Halloween weekend with a variety of drinking and bawdy shenanigans, might as well sport a life-sized teddy bear costume and go as the lewd and crude titular character from Ted.

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Warner Bros.

8. Magic Mike
Although few men can honestly posses Tatum Channing's rock hard abs (and are more likely to resemble the late Chris Farley in that infamous Chippendale's sketch from Saturday Night Live), that's not gonna stop guys from busting out a bowtie-and-slacks ensemble like the male exotic dancers from this hit flick. But please refrain from stuffing singles down their pants unless they truly deserve it.

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Easley's Fun Shop

509 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ

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Bubbles of Joy

75 W. Baseline Rd., Gilbert, AZ

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Mardi Gras Costume Shop

5895 N. Granite Reef Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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