New Gypsy Bar at Lucky Strike Brings Video Games and Dance Club Action to Cityscape

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Benjamin Leatherman
Feeling lucky?

Henderson also says they're installing such "spectacular" dance club amenities as carbon dioxide and confetti canons, hazers, and numerous lighting elements.

The entertainment lineup won't be limited to just DJs, Henderson says, as he's planning on booking fashion and boutique shows, aerial acts, performance artists, and the sporadic live music nights.

"Occasionally we'll have some live music but no so much in the traditional sense," he says. "We're trying to feature entertainment that incorporates elements of music with some visual stimulus, whether that means a horn player accompanying a DJ, a quartet of electric violinists, go-go dancers...or whatever the evening may call for. It will constantly be changing, like a gypsy."

Henderson also says that the stage will also feature a few recessed "cubby hole" areas that will be lighted and scrimmed where individual musicians or artists can perform.

And while high-energy electronica or other tunes are blasting out of the lounge, high-tech electronic action will take place in the arcade located in the back of Gypsy Bar. More than a dozen high-end redemption games like Fruit Ninja or Deal or No Deal will be available for play, as well as skeeball machines, basketball abd football games, and regular arcade titles like Fast and Furious: Super Cars or the trigger-happy Terminator: Salvation first-person shooter. Heck, there's even a four-player version of Pac-Man.

Henderson says that Gypsy Bar is more akin to a nightclub that offers video games instead of just a clone of upscale arcade chain like Dave & Busters or Gameworks.

Most of the games will allow patrons to accrue points on a electronic card, which can be redeemed for high-end prizes that are a bit more posh than the stuff available at your neighborhood Peter Piper Pizza.

"We won't have any gold spider rings or cheesy prizes like that," Henderson says. "It ill be more like iPods, iTunes cards, or digital cameras."

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Gypsy Bar

50 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ

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