Five Must-Watch TV Shows This Fall

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Mindy Kaling stars in The Mindy Project.
It's difficult to choose this fall's must-watch roster, since there's so much happening -- lots of it good, lots less so. In its dismal Friday night slot, the still-brilliant Fringe will embark on its final season, highly recommended for X-Files fans, JJ Abrams followers, and those wanting to gawk at a grown-up Pacey. While hopelessly devoted to the show, we can't recommend it as viewers just hopping on-board will have no idea what's happening -- à la Lost. That's the same reason Boardwalk Empire isn't on the list. (Catch up so we can talk about it, for eff's sake.)

Vegas is getting good reviews, but we aren't quite sold yet. Ben and Kate looks like a mehfest -- same goes for The New Normal, Elementary, and Guys With Kids. We're officially bored with Modern Family. We have to wait a thousand years for the last episodes of Breaking Bad. We're nervous about a post-Dan Harmon Community. Gossip Girl's final season will suck, but damn if we won't sit through every single ep. Whitney is still happening -- ugh. Then there's the reality drivel. Some of it we love (Bravo kinda owns our souls). And some of it we shudder to imagine (a reality show about Whitney Houston's family called The Houstons: On Our Own will be the worst).

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What to watch this season? Actually, we do have a handful of recommendations. A mixed bag of new shows and returning faves.

The Mindy Project
Mindy Kaling's sitcom is like a weird, drunk, kinda dirty Mary Tyler Moore. And we love it. Kaling is an obstetrician who's single, mingles with douchebags, and is really good at making bad decisions -- including giving a tipsy speech at her ex-boyf's wedding. See it Tuesdays on FOX.

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