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When we last put the spotlight on 100 creative forces in Phoenix, it was no secret there were more than 100 individuals who were making waves in the local arts community. So as we count down to our annual Best of Phoenix issue, we're profiling 100 more. Welcome (back) to 100 Creatives.

Averian Chee

Averian Chee is from a small valley in Northern Arizona called Nazlini. He says he grew up with very little knowledge of "city life" and that his interest in art grew after he had moved to Phoenix and began to miss home.

He took up painting as a hobby and says that while he doesn't have any formal art training, he believes it's "not necessary to convey emotion unto a canvas or any surface for that matter." Chee still lives in Phoenix and currently paints full-time.

Averian Chee
I came to Phoenix with ... my mother and siblings as a young boy. The city was a big change to get used to at first with all its rush and noise, but I found my solitude in doodling ninja turtles and dinosaurs.

I create art ... to express my originality with honesty and to better understand why I see things the way I do.

I'm most productive when ... the stars are out and dreamers are plenty.

My inspiration wall is full of ... I enjoy sketching in cafes or local eateries where I can blend into a crowd and become anonymous, but while I'm in my studio/bedroom my wall of inspiration consists of lifetime relics and words of my past self, old photos, drawings from younger minds, and old birthday cards.

Averian Chee
I've learned the most from ... My grandfather, who played a great role in my life as a young boy. He had all the answers and the most kindest eyes I would ever know. It is because of my grandfather, that I have endured so much and continue to press onward in my search to become my own greatest critic in life.

Good work should always ... have a strong foundation. With that intact, everything else becomes clear. If you know your 'self', then anything beyond that is no more than just another imaginative bond that can be overcome.

Averian Chee
The Phoenix creative scene ... seems to lack a newer spawn of artists. The scene has been exclusive to a specific genre of art for too long. it must expand with fresh thought and reestablish its voice.

Averian Chee
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89. Daniel m. Davis
88. Kirstin Van Cleef
87. Emmett Potter
86. Sarah Hurwitz
85. Christine Cassano
84. Fred Tieken
83. Lindsay Kinkade
82. Ruben Galicia
81. Robert Uribe
80. Heidi Abrahamson
79. Josephine Davis
78. Travis Ladue
77. Taz Loomans
76. Mikey Jackson
75. Alex Empty
74. Joe Ray
73. Carol Roque
72. Daniel Funkhouser
71. Carla Chavarria
70. Hugo Medina
69. Cavin Costello
68. Claire Carter
67. Lindsay Tingstrom
66. Catherine Ruane
65. Christopher Crosby
64. Aaron Johnson
63. Brenda Eden
62. Colton Brock
61. Ernesto Moncada
60. Benjamin Phillips
59. Brad Armstrong
58. Angela Hardison
57. Tyler Quinn
56. Andrew James Benson
55. Charles Anthony Darr
54: Tiffe Fermaint
53. Eric Cox
52. Victor Vasquez
51. John Randall Nelson
50. Lauren Lee
49. Kyle Jordre
48. Julie C. Kent
47. Sean Deckert
46. Niba DelCastillo
45. Joseph Benesh
44. Ashley Harder
43. Dan Vermillion
42. Daniel Shepherd
41. James B. Hunt
40. Lori Fenn
39. Seth Gideon Fainkujen
38. Wayne Rainey
37. Christian Filardo
36. Melissa Cody
35. Jason Rudolph Peña
34. Cindy Iverson
33. Ryan Gentry
32. Sebastien Millon
31. Andrea Beesley
30. Chris Pruitt
29. Robert Diehl
28. Rachel Malloy
27. Jonathan Simon
26. Ann Morton
25. Kim Moody
24. Kevin Flanagan
23. Such and Champ Styles
22. Julia Fournier
21. Rebecca Green
20. Jules Demetrius

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