From Monty Python to Mother Mary: Nine Weird Classes Offered at ASU This Fall

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Back to school blues
It's time a take a deep breath and face reality: school is around the corner.

Yep. We'll let that sink in for a second.

Once you've come to terms, we've got some tips that might make the next 15-credit-hour-filled months just a bit more bearable. Here's our list of nine weird (in a mostly good way) classes offered this fall at Arizona State University.

ENG 375: FOX Network, Atlantic Records, Independent Record Labels
Course description: Explores leading CEOs and corporations from a humanities perspective.

Sure, studying leading CEOs, corporations, acquisitions and mergers can be an educational experience -- but as an English class?

Beatles Abbey road.jpg
oddsock via Flickr
8. MUS 354: Beatles, The Beatles After the Beatles, Elvis

Because having one Beatles-focused class isn't enough. And because you have to pay homage to the king of rock n' roll, baby.

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