Cycle: 5 Great Arizona Rides

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Cyclists make their way up Mt. Lemmon in Tucson.
1. Mt. Lemmon - This 23-mile ascent from the desert floor to the pines high atop Tucson is considered by many to be the very best cycling road in the entire United States. Lance Armstrong was known for renting a cabin at the top and riding up and down the mountain multiple times daily during the off season. Local pro Chad Beyer calls it his favorite ride in Arizona. And Bicycling Magazine themselves chose it this past winter to test the year's newest crop of bikes. The Catalina Highway tarmac is glassy as can be the entire way up and substantial bike lanes line each side of the roadway meaning there is plenty of room for everyone to feel safe on the way up. Although the climb is long, the ramps are never overly daunting, and on the way down the road just lays out for a fast and smooth drop back into town. Mt. Lemmon is a cyclist's dream.

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