Cycle: 5 Great Arizona Rides

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photo by Jason Franz
A rider shoots through one of the McDowell Mountain Competitive Tracks.
3. McDowell Mountain Regional Park - A generous spread of rolling desert floor on the back slopes of the McDowell Mountains just north of Fountain Hills, McDowell is home to more than 50 miles of highly rideable trails including the McDowell Competitive Track that crosscuts the park with stunning views of the Superstitions, Four Peaks, Mazatzals and, of course, the McDowells. One of the best things about McDowell is it never feels crowded thanks to the many miles of easy flowing tracks. With mountain bike-specific trails, general use trails, and now a pump track, the McDowell Mountain Regional Park rivals South Mountain as the Valley's mountain biking destination of choice.

photo by Jason Franz
Lake Mary Road passing by Lower Lake Mary.
2. Lake Mary Road - A mere two hours north of Phoenix among the rolling hills outside of Flagstaff, the Lake Mary Road route that loops around Mormon Lake isn't one of the most difficult rides around (although its hills and thinner oxygen will still burn the lungs and legs), but it provides a very European classics kind of route and the views alone are worth the trip. But best of all, the temps are a standard 30 to 40 degrees cooler than the Valley on any summer day, making for a perfect day trip filled with riding at any pace. The loop is completed by taking Mormon Lake Road through Mormon Lake Village, home to a general store stocked with plenty of cold beverages. Just keep an eye out for storms that can plow through the area faster than a pro peloton at a sprint finish.

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