First Look: Reincarnation by Phoenix Designer Tiffe Fermaint

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Evan Romine
Tiffe Fermaint's hi-low metallic blouse ($29)
She takes those second-hand finds and modifies them to fit her aesthetic by adding studs, spikes, jewels, and glitter, altering hemlines, removing sleeves, lengthening skirts, cropping pants, and the list of changes goes on.

"Everything was done by myself with some assistance from my boyfriend. He helped me with the tough leather work, because he's tough!"

She says the piece that came the longest way in terms of changes is the red metallic high-low blouse (pictured at left). "Before transformation, it was a little weird and a bit frumpy. By taking it in and altering the hemline, it became sexy and unexpected."

Based on the looks seen so far, including leather skirts, high-waist shorts, and beaded tops, themes of sexy and unexpected are consistent throughout Reincarnation

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Buffalo Exchange

227 W. University Drive, Tempe, AZ

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