Nine Favorite Photography Resources in Metro Phoenix

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The year of the shutterbug overload is here. Old school photographers might wince at the mention of Instagram, Hipstamatic, apps for photo filters, fish-eye lenses at Urban Outfitters, and all-too-prevalent use of countless tools on Photoshop, but technology has given the art form a new audience that embraces digital and experiments with alternative process.

There are plenty of great photographers in Phoenix. Heavy hitters, including Mark Klett, Betsy Schneider, Carol Panaro-Smith, James Hajicek, and John Wagner (to name a few), have ushered in a strong class of emerging photographers that showcase their work at ASU, through local galleries, and annual auctions. All of these artists might hold their own framing secrets and favorite photo spots close their chests, but we asked a few of them to dish out some basics -- for pros and amateurs alike.

Here are our favorite photography resources in Metro Phoenix.

9. Tempe Camera
Tempe camera has long been a go-to for camera repairs, new equipment, film developing and dark room rentals. The staff might be a little intimidating, so brush up on your camera vocab before complaining that "there's a weird grinding noise when you zoom with the lens thing," but as with any good resource, these people know their equipment and they're not afraid to school you on a few basics.

8. Photography 101
You don't have to be a photography major to take an intro to photography class at almost all of the local colleges and universities -- just make sure you sign up early. Classes are usually taught by tech savvy grad students who will start with the roots of their art form and teach students how to use a film camera and develop their own film.

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Tempe Camera

606 W. University Drive, Tempe, AZ

Category: General

Tilt Gallery

7077 E. Main St., Scottsdale, AZ

Category: General

Phoenix Art Museum

1625 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Art Intersection

207 N. Gilbert Road, Gilbert, AZ

Category: General

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All my gear was stolen and I wanted to try out some lenses before I purchased anything new. I went to the rental department at Tempe Camera and my experience there was terrific. I am a moderately experienced armature and I found the guys at the rental counter to be welcoming, non-intimidating and very much willing to work with me on both suggestions for what I should try, how it works and rental pricing. I took a lens out for a week, didn't like it because of the focus mechanism, and they let me swap it out for another lens mid-week at the same price. The pointers and tips they offer are a free bonus.


I've had the same experience in the sales department. Unfortunately, their prices are a little higher than you pay at the big internet retailers and you have to pay taxes, but you are paying for their expertise and assistance that you can't get online. You also get to touch and play with everything before you buy it, which you can't do online. I hate paying more than I have to, but also think it is unfair to use them as a showroom and then go buy from Amazon so I have mixed feelings, but I try to buy from them when the pricing is relatively close.


I highly recommend Tempe Camera.

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