Seven Phoenix Shops Perfect for Back to School Essentials

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Whether it feels like it or not, summer is coming to an end -- well, the vacation part of it anyway. And if you've already signed up for your classes then Phase 1 of your back-to-school agenda is complete. Time for Phase 2: Shopping.

Here are seven local businesses that can help you check off your back to school shopping list:

Katie Johnson
7. Butter Toast Boutique
Selling vintage apparel and accessories for men and women, Traci Nelson & Jasmine Jarrett at Butter Toast Boutique have the designing know-how to get you the right look for the fall semester.

As added incentive, they're now holding a back-to-school sale for ASU students. Just bring your ID or enter the promo could student20 at their online store for 20 percent off your purchase.

Pictured above: Authentic vintage tees, aged for premium irony ($24) and a nineties floral grunge-factor dress- easy to accessorize and even easier to throw on when you realize you're late for class ($28). Pair it with a feather necklace ($40) and leather crossbody bag ($18)

Katie Johnson
6. GROWop
GROWop carries an eclectic blend of new and old, threads and décor. Although they're not as heavy on the clothing as Butter Toast, GROWop has all those perfect little details to finish off a new apartment or outfit, such as clutches, scarves, candles, and jewelry. You might also want to take in the staging throughout the store as inspiration for your own place.

Pictured above: Men's short sleeved button down shirts (Prices vary, average $20).
Handmade pillows in assorted colors, perfect for your naked furniture ($25 each).

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