James Turrell's Latest Skyspace Now Open to the Public in Tempe

photo by Claire Lawton
There's no more construction fencing around the installation by Arizona-based artist James Turrell on ASU's Tempe Campus, and if you have a minute to spare around sunset or sunrise, you're going to want to spend it on one of the benches inside.

The structure was designed and built by Turrell along with Phoenix-based architect Will Bruder, who designed Burton Barr Library, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Nevada Museum of Art (to name a few).

ASU representatives say more information, including a name, will be released about the installation "soon" and that the official unveiling will be in October. The site, at Rural and Terrace roads (just off the ASU Lightrail stop) doesn't have any signage, but finding it is fairly easy. Just look for the glowing light.

photo by Claire Lawton
Turrell's work relies on light and environment. His series of "skyspace" installations (including the Knight Rise at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art) capture and frame the natural light and create a constantly changing visual experience for the audience.

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Anthony Hagen
Anthony Hagen

Randy Dalbey This what we have been watching being built the whole time!

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