The Seven Unforgivable Fashion Sins of Fall 2012

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Courtesy of J.W. Anderson, Blumarine, and Marni
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Before launching into a tirade about things we sincerely hope you won't wear this fall, we'll start by noting that this season's not all bad -- far from it. We're excited for blazer coats from Chloé, oxblood red as the color of choice for designers such as Jason Wu, sheath dresses, and baroque detailing every which way. We're even on board with all the lurex and Minnie Mouse going high fashion for Barney's.

All that doesn't change the fact that there's plenty to hate on. The following are some of fall's least wearable, most hideous trends. Try them out at you're own risk. Or don't. (Just don't.)

High Sheen Leather
Shiny, shiny. Super shiny leather. Everywhere. Thing is, we don't think Lou Reed would dig it. This season's trendy material swings from looking like Barbie got a job as a lady of the night and six-foot condom comes to life. Either way: bummer.

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Ooh one trend on each page!  Will not be reading this just because of how obnoxious this is for your readers.

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