The Cult of the Yellow Sign on Their Doomsday Plans, Potluck Orgies, and Birthday Party for Horror Author H.P. Lovecraft

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H.P. Lovecraft Archives
H.P. Lovecraft and one of his beloved felines.
What do you have planned for this year's event?
808: Last year we summoned the ghost of H.P. Lovecraft and [138] was possessed. We plan to do the same thing this year, try to bring back good ol' Uncle Howie. We'll also have four poets, two musical acts, and a theatre group will be there. As well as free cupcakes and gift bags.

138: And depending on how many members of the cult actually have Monday night off, because a lot of them have jobs to support to support their lifestyle, we may have other cultists performing for us.

Will all the poetry be Lovecraftian in nature?
We invited them to attend kind of with the specific [requirement] that they'd either have to do Lovecraftian poetry or poetry that's inspired by the man. Like if you have a poem about how much you love cats, that's fine, because Uncle Howie loved cats.

138: Man, he loved cats. Did you read that essay? It was like 30 pages about how cat people are better than dog people. Inspiring!

Will the musicians like Christian Filardo and Hug of War perform songs about Cthulu and whatnot?
138: We don't try to enforce this with the H.P. Lovecraft festival. In the end, it's a birthday party. I actually think that Filardo's work kind of skirts [Lovecraft's] Plains of Leng. It has the sense that you're kind of drifting through a horrible dream world covered in spiders.

808: He has a tape where its him channeling animal spirits. He has a song where he's on a Casio [keyboard] meowing for five minutes. How is that not perfect for what we do? That's perfect for a Lovecraft birthday party.

Are there any danger for those who attend the event>
By paying us $6 to get into the party, you're also signing a contract stating that the cult is not responsible for anything that might happen at the show. Like if a shoggoth materializes and liquefies you into bones, we're not responsible for that. Or if a mi-go steals your brains or you're randomly possessed by voodoo spirits. And there are absolutely no refunds. So if you lose a limb, I'm sorry, that's awful, but we can't do anything for you.

The H.P. Lovecraft Birthday Party takes place at 8 p.m. on Monday, August 20. Admission is $6.

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