WWE's Money in the Bank: A Visual Study of Phoenix's Die-Hard Wrestling Fans

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Oooh yeah, dig it!

While pro wrestling has a certain infamy for being white trash entertainment that appeals to the lower class masses, the crowd at Money in the Bank indicated otherwise. US Airways Center was filled with a virtual melting pot of Latinos, African-Americans, and Caucasians, as well as members from a variety of income brackets.

Brett Savage, a pierced-and-tattooed fan who dreams of someday being a wrestler himself, says that folks who consider wrestling to be mere spectacle "don't get it."

"They just don't understand it. They see one part of it but don't see the whole picture," Savage says. "I watch the WWE because it drives something in me and its actually quality real entertainment, unlike the NFL, basketball, baseball, or hockey, which they have an off season, which wrestling does not."

wwe money in the bank fans.JPG
A trio of energetic WWE fans at Money in the Bank last night.

Wrestling also transcends boundaries and is popular around the world. David Byrne, for instance, grew up watching wrestling in his native Ireland. And while you'd might expect the 21-year-old to cheer for the WWE's Sheamus, the 6-foot-4 superstar who also hails from Emerald Isle and sports flaming red hair, Byrne says that's bollocks.

"Aw no, Sheamus is a streak of piss, man. He used to be a bouncer in Dublin and he's an arsehole, and he threw me out of two clubs," he says. "I can't stand the fella at all. He's always had his big ridiculous, spiky, mingy, ginger minger orange hair. I'm only jealous because I'm a baldie fellow."

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