A Friday Night Out w/ Bucky Miller

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Katie Johnson
Jason Roehner and Bucky Miller at Modified Arts
Bucky Miller a.k.a Bucky Timothy Leo David Miller (his parents kept legally changing his name until he was two, which he just recently found out) is fresh out of the ASU Art School but is by no means a new face to the Phoenix art scene.

The young and ambitious photographer recently hosted an opening reception for "Practically Everything", at Modified Arts.

The show, which features a collaboration of photographic works by local artists, was curated by Miller, and included his recent series "Catalogue of Meteorites." I caught up with Miller that night, (alright fine, I snuck up on him) and asked if I could tag along for the rest of his Friday night. Here's how it went down ...

The Meet Up

The evening started toward the end of Bucky's opening reception at Modified Arts. Other featured artists on display at "Practically Everything" include: Christian Widmer, Cory Fitzgerald, Dana Buhl, Michael Lundgren, Michael Max McLeod, Nidaa Aboulhosn, and Mike Williams.

The reception is supposed to end at 9, but Bucky leaves the doors unlocked as he gradually closes up shop, pausing between chores to talk with the occasional after-hours visitor. He explains to them that the title, Practically Everything stems from an ongoing conversation between the artists, "and the pictures themselves, " as Bucky will tell you. It's a conversation about the duality of photography; how a photograph not only chronicles, but also converts, whatever it captures.

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