Sketchy Stuff: A Resource Guide to Drawing Opportunities, Workshops, and Classes in Phoenix

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Graham Sale
2. Group Sketching

There are also free or low cost group sketch events. Some feature live drawing, which is crazy good practice, because no matter how skilled and how patient the live model, they can't stand still forever.

Panicked perfectionists (moi?) have to draw fast or risk a big blank fail when the model shifts or takes a break. On the second Tuesday of each month Anti-Art School features a live model for over-21 sketchers and painters at The Lost Leaf. Just $7 for three hours of sketching with beer and wine service if some liquid inspiration is needed.

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Meetup has a few drawing groups, or a person could start their own (recently, there were 300+ people on the local list waiting for you to do so.) And Tiny Army, an informal artists' group, has sketch nights on occasion.

1. Workshops and Classes

After do-it-yourself and do-it-in-a-group come the workshops. Lower cost entries in this realm can be found at Mesa Arts Center, Phoenix Center for the Arts, Shemer Art, and Maricopa Community Colleges. Also, the Scottsdale Artists' School offers an Art for Amateurs workshop over three evenings, with the first session devoted to drawing (painting and sculpting follow). Next session begins August 13.

If, after all that drawing practice, the bug to make comics remains, there's the step up to Phoenix College's Certificate in Comic and Sequential Art. The entire program requires 37 credit hours to complete, but with studying with local, yet big-time, artists like Jon Haddock and Tony Parker, those who stick with it are sure to emerge with some big drawing guns.

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