Sketchy Stuff: A Resource Guide to Drawing Opportunities, Workshops, and Classes in Phoenix

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So what do you do if you wake up one day with a strange new urge to make comics? How do you learn to write and draw what legendary cartoonist Will Eisner dubbed "sequential art"?

If you're under 14, you can probably find a comics workshop at your branch library, community center, afterschool program, or summer camp. But what if you're (considerably) older than that, out of school and hoping to learn enough to make comics that aren't a total embarrassment?

That was me a few years ago, but, bright side: an utter lack of cartooning skills left me nowhere to go but up.

Without an art background, I knew I needed to develop some drawing chops. Sure, you can draw anywhere, anytime that your hands are free (see Lynda Barry on the value of doodling).

But what about a little guidance or inspiration for your drawing when you don't have the time, money, and/or courage to attend art school?

3. Museum and Public Art Programing:
Phoenix Art Museum, SMoCA, and Scottsdale Public Art occasionally offer directed sketching activities at low or no cost. And even if they don't have a sketching workshop, anyone can visit a museum gallery and draw, (usually, only pencils are welcome).

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