SEEDspot: Campaign to Fund a Full-Length Documentary Pops Up on Kickstarter

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Last month we announced that SEEDspot, a local business incubator, would be opening its doors to Phoenix entrepreneurs later this year. On top of plans to strip down and remake an old building for their new home, the ambitious crew has thrown something else into the mix.

Video editor and producer Anna F. Miller hopes to document the entire process - from renovations to the entrepreneurs' final pitches. And as is the case with most creative projects theses days, there's a Kickstarter fund to make it work.

Miller, a freelance video editor, says she chose SEEDspot as a her latest subject because it will give her the ability to get away from negative headlines about the city and put Arizona on the map in a more positive way.

The filmmakers plan to choose the most interesting budding companies to film as they graduate through the SEEDspot program and shoot the documentary following a "reality T.V. design. By documenting the process, Miller hopes to empower and influence other entrepreneurs and make the experience as interactive as possible.

Part of the draw to the SEEDspot story comes from the uniqueness of the idea behind the program, Miller says. Usually entrepreneurs begin with little to no guidance, whereas these young businesses will have a plethora of resources at their disposal. She also says she thinks this will be a successful subject because of the visual nature of the process and the dynamic personalities of those involved.

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