Misty Guerriero Craves Cartier, Collects Hats, and Travels the World to Get Dressed

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Photos by Becky Bartkowski
Counterclockwise from top left: Maison Martin Margiela shoes; A vintage feather cap on Guerriero's accessories dresser; The bright blue French hat sits on the bed; A bowl of bangles and assorted jewelry.
Her accessories collection is quirky, classic, and covetable, though her biggest want is hard-to-find vintage Cartier jewelry. Apart from that, she jokes that all she needs is some extra space. Her white-washed built-in closets, original to her 1950 CenPho home, are packed with pieces she's collected over the years, including some gorgeous hats from Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Saks, and Dior. A bright blue cloche she picked up in France looks and feels like suede, but Guerriero explains it's made of a treated felt.

With so many options available, it could prove a challenge pulling together outfits every day. Guerriero says it comes down to her fashion philosophy: "We're already a blank canvas. Focus on one piece and build everything around it." For best results, she recommends hunting through men's vintage stores, not over-accessorizing, and, above all, finding something that makes you feel pretty.

Off the cuff, she styles an Eygpt-inspired Mara Hoffman dress with a striped and patterned caftan -- not something the average person would pair together. But it works -- and dazzlingly. Much like the rest of her worldly wardrobe, it's inspiring.

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