Ignite Phoenix After Hours 3 Delivers Plenty of LOL, TMI, and WTF.

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joeignitephoenix1.jpgJoe Abbruscato
TheFabulousOne discusses Sodom & Gomorrah - Anal sex isn't taboo!
This past Friday, Ignite Phoenix After Hours made its third appearance at Axis/Radius in Scottsdale. As usual, the event featured colorful presenters discussing off-color topics. The 14, 5-minute presentations covered everything from burlesque dancing, porn law, and atheism, to anal sex, pornographic cartoons, and Disney furries' backstage orgies.

And while the goal of Ignite Phoenix as a whole is to spark creativity, thought, and discussion, there's a good chance that Ignite Phoenix After Hours left little blood flow in the direction of the brain.

So to refresh the memories of those who attended, and to recap the X-rated magic for those who missed it, here are some of the hits, misses, and things we wish we could unsee:

Joe Abbruscato
Jazz Corsette presents 8 Sexy Life Lessons I've Learned From Burlesque
And what would IPAH be without a little strip tease? Jazz Corsette shared her 8 Sexy Life Lessons she's learned from burlesque dancing, including "everybody is beautiful" and "everybody has an alter ego."

There to also teach us a lesson or two was Josh Yeager with Bears & Cubs & Otters, Oh My! The burly man clad in nothing up top beside suspenders and piercing, walked us through the grizzly gay subculture better known as the bear community.

Discussions were titillating, thought-provoking and at times, terrifying. While I didn't mind hearing the word "vagina" more times in 5 minutes than I have in 5 years, I probably could have done without the up-close and personal shots of the female nether regions, or knowing that there's a woman out there who can lift a 31-pound glass ball with her genitalia.

Devon Christopher Adams
Josh Yeager presents Bears & Cubs & Otters, Oh My!

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Axis/Radius - CLOSED

7340 E. Indian Plaza, Scottsdale, AZ

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