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courtesy of Ernesto Moncada
Grand Avenue Live
I've learned the most from . . . observing the world from as many different perspectives as possible and accumulating experiences as they were collector's items, but I'd be lying if I didn't give kudos to practice, rehearsal, studying, workshops, teachers, fellow conspirators, research, madness, abstraction, and good ol' chance and circumstance. Still, the nerd in me wants to be definitive and say: "Love and books", while my internal bastard replies angrily: "Parties and travels". I'm lucky that contradicting oneself can be a great learning tool if paying enough attention.

Good work should always . . . raise some kind of reaction from the audience (even if it's negative and tries really hard to be positive), it should aim to be timeless and constructive and not topical and destructive, and above all, it must be done with passion and humility. I personally believe no good work can spring from greed, selfishness or revenge. Alejandro Jodorowsky says that "any art that does not heal is not art" and I agree in the sense that artwork functions best when it tries to right a wrong, or address a situation that must be changed for the benefit of the many.

The Phoenix creative scene could always use . . . more resources, of course; spaces, funds and infrastructure, what every art community can't ever get enough of. Support can come in small doses but things continue to roll somehow. However, outside of budgets and properties, Phoenix artists would benefit with more open, productive criticism among us, and a receptive attitude towards improving and evolving. We have to eradicate self-congratulatory tendencies and stop ego masturbation; celebrating stagnated ideas and worshiping the tired knack of complaining without action, is a true waste of time, money and talent.

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