Tempe Duo Crafts Awesome Mass Effect 3 Cosplay Armor

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Courtesy: David Lyon
Jenna Lyon rocked an awesome FemShep cosplay at Comic Con 2012
In a hot, poorly ventilated garage in Tempe, a young couple lost a lot of sleep so they could hammer out one the best Mass Effect cosplay costumes in time for the San Diego Comic Con Masquerade.

David Lyon is an architect who has worked on everything from remodeling the Arizona Science Center to skate parks. His wife, Jenna, is a self-described "art nerd" and graduate student at ASU.

Their foray into the world of cosplay started when Jenna, who had recently started playing the Mass Effect series, joked that they should make a female Commander Shepard costume. David agreed and it rapidly ballooned from crude cardboard mock ups into a full size metal working project.

What sets the Lyon's Shepard armor apart from past Mass Effect cosplay is that it's actually armor-like. David says he really wanted to use metal because of how the finished product would look and he was pleased with the results, even if it cost him a little of his sanity.

What's amazing about their armor is that all of it, from the chest plate to the N7 Valkyrie rifle, was made with only a couple power tools: A band saw, a drill press, and some sanders.

Each piece of curved metal had to be bent and glued into shape, a laborious process that involved a lot of clamps and time. It is even more impressive when you consider that the curves on the rifle are all cut on the band saw from solid blocks and then sanded into a finished state. The actual price tag on this project was surprisingly low. The rifle and the armor came to about $150 a piece in raw materials.

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