63: Brenda Eden

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Brenda Eden
I've learned the most from . . . the times when I have carried my camera around everywhere and made myself shoot everyday. I don't like to carry it because it's heavy and breakable, but I look back at the times when I gave myself daily assignments of shooting about everything that happened in my life and see that those times were when I learned the most...For the last couple years my mom has been dealing with cancer, and she has been in the hospital a lot. There have been weeks, and even months, where I would stay nights with her at the hospital and I almost never went home. I just constantly carried my camera with me and it's those times I can look back on and realize that is when I came up with my best ideas for projects and thought the most about light and composition and about interacting with the people I photograph.

Good work should always . . . amongst many other things, leave us wanting more even years later. I can remember seeing shows at the Icehouse as much as ten years ago that I wish so badly I could step back in time to experience again. There are photographers whose names I can't remember, but I'll spend hours searching online for them, just so I can see their images again. There are shows that I have seen at SMOCA that I have told people about even years later.

Brenda Eden
The Phoenix creative scene could use more . . . well, I am actually really excited about the Phoenix creative scene and think that possibly we will look back at this time as kind of a golden time. It's only recently that we have all been able to be so connected because of social media. I love how I can so easily find out what other creative people in Phoenix are doing and be a part of it. I love to promote other people's work, either by forwarding Facebook invitations I get for events or just telling people about what I know is going on. So, I do think it's important for all of us to support each other's work in the ways that we can. And also if I could have three wishes that I think would contribute to the Phoenix creative scene? I'd like lots (and lots) more trees, many more miles of light rail and for me to own the Charles Pugh house (it's the pink Victorian north of Crescent Ballroom) - I'd make it into a center of creativity as a music/arts/coffee/wine/food place. Maybe someday!

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Jamie Mulhern
Jamie Mulhern

i always describe brenda as a storybook character. she is sweet and kind and creative. and no surprise, i wouldn't have met her if it wasn't for the interwebs! (but from back in the days of blogging!)


Brenda's heart is filled to bursting with love, creativity, compassion and excitement for everything that surrounds her. I count her as a dear friend, and one I never would have met if not for those early(ish) days of social media and blogging. She inspires me to do art, instead of lamenting what I haven't done. Her images always are striking and fun, and even her shortest captions carry me along like a sing-song story...making me feel as if we've know each other since kindergarten, holding hands and running through meadows of memories. I guess what I mean to say is, Brenda is one of my favorite people, and I'm so happy to see her highlighted here!


Brenda Eden's passion and talent for photography is awe-inspiring!

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