5 Essential Ingredients for Your Breaking Bad Party

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This Sunday marks the premier of the first half of Breaking Bad's fifth and final season (yes, they're splitting the season into two parts, because apparently they want to torture us).

Following a rather explosive finale in season four, the final chapter of the Breaking Bad series centers around former high school chemistry teacher Walter White's ultimate rise to King Pin of the seedy drug underworld.

Combine the series' suspenseful story line with a year-long withdrawal, and you'll find that fans of AMC's hit prime time drama are about as twitchy as the characters. And it's why we expect to see some serious celebrating this weekend. Here are 5 ways to bring in Breaking Bad:

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5. Dress Bad(ly)

When we think of Walter White, three memorable wardrobes come to mind. There are of course the hazmat suits, which you might be able to find at stores such as Aramasco, Chaos Supplies, Inc, and Arizona Bio & Safety Supply. Then there is Walter's alter ego, Heisenberg, who sports an outfit that could easily be assembled through some fruitful thrift store shopping, (i.e. Good Will, Salvation Army, Saint Vincent de Paul )

And lastly, there is our very first encounter with Mr. White, running through the New Mexican dessert sporting nothing but a pair of tighty whities and a green button down (optional). Purchase this costume almost anywhere, and wear at your own risk.

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