Breaking Bad Fan-Fiction: The Good, The Bad, and the Are You F#*king High?

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Breaking Bad
The season premiere of Breaking Bad is a just five days away, and truthfully, it couldn't have come sooner. We've been crawling the walls since the climax of Season 4, and in the 10 long months between then and now, we've engaged in some pretty heinous, borderline creepy activities to keep the candle burning for our favorite show.

We've deluged Aaron Paul's twitter with requests to call us at the office and deliver a "What up, Bitch" on our voicemail (still waiting, btw.) We bought 10 pounds of blue-raspberry rock candy from an Internet wholesaler and one time, we actually trolled an El Pollo Loco drive thru and asked for Gustavo.

But even in the depths of our uber-fandom, we came nowhere close to the Heisenberg devotees posting Breaking Bad fan-fiction all over the Web.

Breaking Bad
We read them all so you don't have to (you're welcome.) But, if you still can't wait for your BB fix between now and Sunday night, we've selected three pieces of fan-fic to help you work through your withdrawal.

Warning: Past season spoilers ahead.

The Good - The One Who Answers

Avoiding the wishful, alt-universe hook-ups and Mary-Sue characterizations that are hallmarks of most fan-fiction, this story delves deeper into the back-story of Gale Boetticher - Walter's affable, dorky assistant who was offed in Season 3. This really is the best of the bunch, as it preserves the show's original canon while expanding the Breaking Bad universe for hard-core fans of the show.

Excerpt: "Gale spends his nights locked in the UNM library, leafing through textbooks on Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. At some point, he decides he likes Organic the best, but there's no one to tell this revelation to."

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So by "all over the web" you apparently meant "" Good research, good research. (Also: Is reviewing fanfic something we're DOING now? Seriously, go away.) 


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