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My inspiration wall is full of . . . Years ago it was iconic photographers, images and reading books by the masters. Now my wall is full of lists of things I need to be better at. Networking, using social media, getting my name out there, meeting people and when I have time do a spec shoot to build my portfolio with diverse images.

Clinica Adelante Family.jpg
Photo by Brad Armstrong
Clinica Adelante
I've learned the most from . . . Doing! Practice makes better. I'm self taught through making mistakes and learning from it. I've always been on my own. That's not by choice it just happened that way. I started my full-time professional career at 35 so people assumed I already new what I was doing. I wish. I had mentors, but this is a competitive profession so getting someone to teach you everything they know never happened for me.

Good work should always . . . Have content that has relevance to our experience on this planet. You can have all the filters and apps the digital age can offer but it always comes down to content -- a moment, feeling, mood, interaction. Even abstractions have to communicate something. For me an empty moments are visual failures.

Pater Pierre Vermon.jpg
Photo by Brad Armstrong
Pater Pierre Vermon
The Phoenix creative scene could use more . . . People like you. It seems the Valley's mainstream media couldn't care less about the arts. Newspapers even when things were good dedicated very little resources to the local art scene. Beyond things to do this weekend I rarely saw in-depth profiles on artists of any kind. I don't know, but maybe Valley residents don't care ether. People are focusing more on survival right now.

From my perspective the people who are creating the art in this Valley are as much a part of the historical record as the people and places they depict. There seems to be very little respect for the creators and or the arts in this Valley. I've been to two historical museums in the Valley and in both I found photographs that have no attribution to the photographers who created the work. Personally I want to know who these pioneering artists were. To me it's inexcusable.

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