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Courtesy Andrew James Benson
Benson on location in Rochina, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil for Riester and Thunderbird School of Global Management, 2012
See also: Mitchell 20: Education Documentary Shot in Phoenix Stands and Delivers

Andrew James Benson is a Phoenician -- he lists his history at Creighton Schools, Camelback High School, Gateway Community College, Arizona State University as references -- and a producer/director of socially responsible content for causes and organizations with Randy Murray Productions.

He's a self-described and self-styled activist for humanity who finds his medium in things and stuff.

Andrew James Benson - Mitchell 20 Pyramid.jpg
Courtesy Andrew James Benson
From Mitchell 20: Teacher Quality is the Answer - a documentary by Randy Murray Productions that Benson Co-Produced and Co-Directed with Randy Murray. This still is from an animation depicting teachers at the bottom of the educations system's hierarchal pyramid of power. 2011
I came to Phoenix with . . . a big smile on my face in a small room at St. Joseph's Hospital welcomed by parents who had no idea what they got themselves into.

Andrew James Benson - MARCHA-22 DE MARZO_A CIELO_WEB2.jpg
Courtesy Andrew James Benson
In collaboration with Luis Herrera, Benson created this poster while volunteering as a marketing consultant in Quito, Ecuador. The poster was printed and wheat pasted around Ecuador to garner support for a march in defense of the water, land and people of Ecuador. The march, held on March 22, 2012, was one of the largest Ecuador has seen in years. 2012

I make art because . . . as an activist, it feels practical.

I'm most productive when . . . I am not sleeping.

My inspiration wall is full of . . . divergent ideas alongside my mission and vision statements and my five-year plan.

I've learned the most from... making decisions then dealing with them and people smarter than me.

Good work should always be full of . . . unrelenting intent and, for me, didacticism.

The Phoenix creative community could use . . . more cultivation of buyers/clients, professional artists and gallerists, as well as marketing to buyers and gallerists in neighboring states. But first, I think we need common rhetoric about the art community we want to see in 10 years. For me, that involves establishing the aforementioned items. You?

The Mitchell 20 Trailer from Mitchell 20 on Vimeo.

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