54: Tiffe Fermaint

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I've learned the most from . . . my mistakes. Being blessed with the opportunities to use my creativity to make a living, I try to not shy myself away from hard work and taking risks. But with that confidence I've also had to be prepared that mistakes might happen. With any poor business decision that I have made that has cost me any amount of money or time, it has gained me knowledge. The more I know, the more progress I can gain.

Good work should always be . . . honest. Everything I create has a meaning behind it. It is the premiss of my best work and I quickly loose interest on anything that lacks thought.

Tiffe Fermaint
The Phoenix creative scene could use . . . more global thinkers. I have total local pride and love to support my fellow artists in Phoenix. But, I think that we have a great opportunity to open our doors to the rest of the world and invite them in. I always hear about how everyone wants to make Phoenix a 'hub' but in order to do that, I feel that we have to reach out. If we give the same amount of attention on promoting locally to promoting our projects to national and international sources, perhaps Phoenix can get more headlines and interests elsewhere.

clothing by Tiffe Fermaint, photo by Jeremiah Toller
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