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When we last put the spotlight on 100 creative forces in Phoenix, it was no secret there were more than 100 individuals who were making waves in the local arts community. So as we count down to our annual Best of Phoenix issue, we're profiling 100 more. Welcome (back) to 100 Creatives

Tiffe Fermaint
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Tiffe Fermaint's been making clothes since she was a teenager. The independent fashion designer and stylist is now based in Phoenix and Los Angeles, where she went to school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

After school, she came back to Phoenix, where her collections are currently sold in local boutiques and featured in runway shows. She says much of her inspiration comes from music (she's in an electronic duo Being Cool is Lonely with her boyfriend Keith Walker), and that music has played a part in new collections coming soon to Buffalo Exchange and Alternative Fashion Society's Medusa's Revenge Fashion Show.

clothing by Tiffe Fermaint, photo by Jeremiah Toller
I came to Phoenix with . . . my first thought. I was born in here and although I lived in Los Angeles for some time, it is safe to say that I am a native.

I make art (and fashion and music) because . . . if I didn't my mind would become stale and sad. It's automatic and as routine to me as talking. It is a form of my own communication.

I'm most productive when . . . I'm home. Inspiration and productivity lives here. I tend to take a thought and run with it in every form of expression until it becomes exhausted. One thought can trigger a collection, a song, a video, a dj mix, a photo shoot. I also like to sew or sketch when Keith is producing music right next me. His work motivates me.

My inspiration wall is full of . . . emptiness. I prefer to keep an inspiration book which is filled with my sketches and post-it note doodles of ideas I that have while I'm at work. I keep my melody ideas voice recorded on my phone. Songs that inspire collections are in playlists on iTunes. Images of art and fashion spreads that make me emotional are kept in folders on my laptop and are captured with my camera phone.

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