The Seven Strangest Online Dating Sites

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Ah l'amour. It seems that finding true love is not as cut and dry and Disney and Hallmark would have led us to believe.

Fortunately, there's an online dating site for almost anyone nowadays, including a few we never would have considered (or believed). Here are some of the oddest online dating sties the World Wide Web has to offer.


It's not that we have anything against redheads; quite the contrary (ehem, Christina Hendricks, Conan O'Brian, etc.) we jut didn't consider them an entirely separate interest group.



Let me get this straight. You've adopted seven furry felines, your living room furniture primarily consists of cat condos AND you're single? Meow.

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Pretty exotic sites, isn't it?

It seems to me that such sites help to find a kindred spirit and immediately provide the topic of conversation that is interesting for both. Maybe you will be interested this site It will help you meet new people in Phoenix.

schultzybeckett topcommenter

The point of internet dating is to meet new people. Therefore, the more members a site has, the more likely you are to meet someone. Fact. So, much as it galls me to admit it, the big ones are a good place to start if you're new to it all; they're well-designed, easy to use, quite a laugh and, well, full of potential lurve interest.



Michael Bauser
Michael Bauser

I kind of hate the New Times for posting that final picture. WHY? WHY DOES THAT EXIST?


And with the her being locked up you'd save. TON. of. money. Plus youd be free to hang with the boys on nights and weekends. Not to mention you wouldn't have to worry about the "pop-in". I think in this scenario, the pro's might be starting to out way the "con's"...Pun intended. Haha


I kinda like the cell block mail one. At least you'd always know where your significant other was. Who they were with. And for the most part, what they were doing.

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